Corporate World in Love with iPad

Over the last few years, the iPad has grown in popularity with general consumers and companies alike. In fact, according to a new survey from ChangeWave Research, one in five companies plans to purchase tablets for its employees during the second quarter of 2012.

A whopping 84 percent of those 1,604 companies interviewed plan on buying an iPad over all other options, which is seven percent higher than the numbers from November of 2011, thanks to the announcement and upcoming release of the third generation iPad.

Samsung was a distant second, with eight percent of companies preferring the Galaxy Tab. HP came in third with four percent, and Asus, Dell, and RIM tied for fourth place with three percent.

Wondering if those iPad-buying companies prefer Verizon or AT&T? It’s split pretty evenly, with 30 percent preferring AT&T and 29 percent favoring Verizon. A mere four percent chose Sprint, and 11 percent said they would choose an iPad only tablet.

With a Retina Display, faster processing power for more robust apps, and 4G LTE, the iPad’s dominance in the corporate sector will only continue to grow over the course of 2012.

[via BGR]

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