Vendors Continue to Roll out New iPad Cases Ahead of Friday Launch

iPad 3As the new iPad launch date approaches, accessory makers are gearing up with their own line of new cases to protect and show off your shiny gadget.

Below are a few cases that look good to us.

Marware, known for their business design and classic aestetic is offering a new line of iPad cases specifically designed for the new iPad:

The C.E.O. Hybrid is a folio case that protects your iPad by covering 97 percent of the tablet when closed. The flip-up lid features an auto-wake and sleep mode when it is opened or closed. The cover transforms into a display stand with 120, 140 and 165 degree angles for multiple hands-free viewing. It is made with a microsuede interior to protect your new Retina display screen against scratches and includes a hard plastic spine for extra support. There is a back-camera hole and access to all controls and ports. There is also an interior hand strap for a comfortable grip while on the go. It comes in multiple colors and costs $49.99.

The EcoVue Case is a folio style case made from eco-leather for the “environmentally conscious tablet user.” It features an automatic sleep/wake lid, a foldaway low-angle stand for typing, and interior hand strap for comfortable gripping, it includes a back-camera hole and access to all ports and controls. The EcoVue Case comes in black and costs $49.99

The MicroShell Case is an ultra thin polycarbonate shell that fits on the back of your new iPad without affecting your ability to protect the front with your new Apple Smart Cover. If you have already decided that the Smart Cover is for you, you may want to think about protecting the backside of the iPad. The Mircroshell case does just that. It easily snaps to the back of the iPad to protect it from scratches and scuffs while allowing access to all ports and controls, including the speakers and camera. It is available in red, silver and black and costs $34.99

Sena offers a top-quality line of fashionable iPad cases for those with an eye for the sleek black leather design.

The Collega is an all-in-one travel sleeve for the new iPad. Made of handcrafted European leather, it includes a side cargo pocket, concealed sliding handles and a soft micro velvet lining. It comes in black and red with either a traditional soft leather texture, or the fashionable crocodile design and costs $150.

The Keyboard Folio is a flip-top folio case with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard and is made from handcrafted European leather. It has a leather book style side-foding design and recessed collapsible back stand. The Keyboard Folio comes in black, red or brown and costs $149.99.

The Borsetta is a high-fashion accessory for your new iPad. Its sleek design fits into your handbag, but it looks so good you won’t want to hide it away. It is made from handcrafted European leather and includes various pockets and compartments so it can double as a purse. It features a two-position stand for viewing and typing. The Borsetta comes in black or red and costs $149.99.

These are just a few of the many cases that accessory makers are releasing ahead of Friday’s launch of the new iPad. There are others already available now, and many more to come.

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