iSmart Protection Plan for iPad

There are several warranty options for your new iPad – You can get Apple’s own Applecare+ for $99, or Squaretrade’s plan for just $89, and both of those come with accidental damage coverage with a $49 deductible.

If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper option, you can go with iQue Repair’s newly launched iSmart Protection Plan.

Individual iSmart plans start at just $59 for a two year warranty with unlimited repairs (Apple limits you to two accidental damage repairs) and a $75 deductible, or you can get a family or group plan for $299 or $399.

The family plan covers up to six mobile devices and costs an additional $49 for any other devices, while the group plan covers up to ten mobile devices and costs $39 for additional devices.

Since all repairs fall into the “damage” category, you’ll be paying a $75 fee even if it’s not your fault, and there’s no replacement policy without an additional fee.

What can the iSmart Warranty cover? The front glass, the power ribbon, the USB port, the back casing, the LCD, the battery, and the volume ribbon.

Repairs can’t be done in an Apple Store like with AppleCare or Squaretrade’s plan, and instead, you’ll need to ship your device off to Utah, where the company operates two repair facilities.

If you want to pay a cheaper upfront price just for peace of mind, this is a good choice, but if you’re worried you might need non-accidental repairs, go with one of the more comprehensive plans. For more information, check out the iSmart Warranty website.

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  • sweetpea218

    Hi Juli,
    I read over your article and looked at the website. You quoted the deductibles incorrectly. It’s not a $75 flat fee, if you read the website it depends on your device. If I have a 3GS, which I do have, I can get a repair done for a $29 deductible :)
    Just wanted to clarify that.

    Mijolobo – According to their website, this new plan can be in addition to Apple Care, if you’d so prefer.  If you want to save money when it comes to repairs, including glass coverage, iSmart would be the way to go.

    • Juli Clover

      Sorry about that, I was specifically talking about the deductible for the new iPad. Very true that it’s less for other devices!