How to Install iPhoto and iMovie on Original iPad

If you own a first generation iPad, it’s likely you were disappointed with the release of the new iPhoto and iMovie for iOS, both of which are designed for newer devices, leaving your poor cameraless 2010 tablets in the dust.

There’s good news though – while the new iPhoto and iMovie can’t be purchased on an original iPad, you can still install the apps using Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility.

To download the apps, you will first need to download Apple’s free iPhone Configuration Utility, which is designed to be a tool for companies to use to install apps and configuration policy profiles to all of the iOS devices in use. This software is available for both Mac and Windows users.

After you’ve installed the utility, plug your iPad in to your computer with USB and select each app that you want to manually install by adding them to the library. Your purchased apps can be found in your Music folder here: iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications. After the apps are added to the library, just click install for each one from the Application tab of your iPad, which will copy the apps to your device.

You won’t be able to take your own photos or use the recording feature of the latest iMovie, but you will be able to use the rest of the functionality of both iPhoto and iMovie. Be warned: They’re a bit less efficient because the original iPad has less processing power, but overall, both apps are usable.

So, there you have it. If you have an original iPad and want to do some photo editing with iPhoto, there is a way. Although, I’d consider other alternatives too – both Snapseed and Photogene, for example, are even better photo editing tools than Apple’s iPhoto, and they’re already designed to be used on the first generation iPad. For more information on the install, plus troubleshooting tips, check out the original thread on AppleInsider.

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