Smart Cover Alternatives for the New iPad

Smart Cover

The smart cover is pretty fantastic. It carries a low profile, is ultra-light and turns the iPad on and off automagically as you open and close the flap. While you can choose between leather or polyurethane, the colors are limited and the functionality can sometimes fall short for those of us who want a little more from a case. So what are the best alternatives for your new third generation iPad?

1. Skinny 3stm skinny 3 (USD $40) – The skinny 3 hardshell case by STM boats being lightweight, slim and protective while being very easy to carry. The inside of the case has a soft lining to give enhanced protection against scratches and bumps while the flap-close front takes advantage of the auto-sleep and wake features of your iPad.
Why it Rocks: All the awesomeness of a Smart Cover plus protection for the back of your iPad and a loop closure to keep it shut when you slide it into your purse, backpack or briefcase.


2. IntelliCaseGriffin Intellicase (USD $59.99) – This folio stand offers a hard-shell polycarbonate back and flexible TPU cover (with magnets for auto-sleep and wake) to give your iPad full body protection while still keeping a very low profile on your device.
Why it Rocks:The folks at Griffin just get it and you can trust their products are high-quality and well designed. Love the back cover for full protection and the ability to stand the iPad more upright (with an anchor on the back giving stability) for doing things like watching movies.


3. SummitiFrogz Summit (USD $59.99) – The folks at iFrogz know how to have fun and that comes through on all of their products. The Summit case is fantastic, folio style like a Smart Cover (with magnets for auto-sleep and wake) but gives full protection front to back and features a business card holder.
Why it Rocks: Not only does it come in lime green, electric blue and hot pink but also offers multiple viewing angles when used as a stand.


4. OtterboxOtterbox iProtection (USD $89.95) – The latest addition to the industrial strength Defender series, Otterbox is one of the few cases that can withstand the tests of time as well as clumsiness. Wrapped inside a silicone skin is a high-impact inner polycarbonate shell that includes a built-in foam interior that provides additional shock absorption (all while still letting you take advantage of auto-sleep and wake).
Why it Rocks: You won’t find many things more durable than an Otterbox and though it may be slightly more bulky than some of the folio style cases you get all the benefit without worrying about what happens if you accidentally drop your iPad.


5. ScoscheScosche keyPAD (USD $79.99) – If you can do without the auto-sleep and wake functionality in exchange for a Bluetooth removable wireless keyboard, this case gives you every benefit of a folio style flip cover design including being quite sleek.
Why it Rocks: With 75 hours of battery life on the keyboard and the same ease of use (flip it open and off you go!) this is an excellent alternative for those who could use a keyboard with their iPad more than occasionally.

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