Really? RIM Uses iPhone Users to ‘Blast’ Blackberry Naysayers

Has RIM been visiting with Samsung’s advertisers? First we had the Galaxy Note commercial where the iPhone user was too clueless to access any of the phone’s functionality, like apps and maps (yes, she couldn’t figure out how to get to and share a map). “My phone can’t do that!” she claims, multiple times during the misleading commercial.

The Samsung Note owner is young and hip, of course, which is obviously the target demographic. Now RIM is aiming to reach those younger users itself with its own ridiculous attempts at comedy.

As pointed out by Minyanville, RIM has launched a new “BBM Generation” site, featuring the cool looking youngsters Streeter and Amir, who are aiming to “shut down Blackberry trash talk” and put “Blackberry naysayers on blast.” What does that even mean?

The site also features the disjointed words “culture, celebrities, and contests,” in an attempt to draw in a younger crowd.

Streeter and Amir are actually professional comedy writers, from the well-known site College Humor. They’ve been hired by RIM to write some jokes for the dying brand that will draw in a younger demographic.

Oh, and did I mention that Streeter and Amir are actually iPhone users? Just take a look at a couple of their tweets, here and here, which were made with an iPhone. Shouldn’t you convince your new spokespeople to use actual Blackberry phones, RIM?

While this attempt at drumming up interest in the Blackberry brand is funny, it’s not funny in the way Blackberry wants it to be. It’s actually tending towards pathetic funny, which is just another nail in RIM’s coffin. “Young and hip” is simply not a trend that the company can pull off.

Even if this ad campaign did prove to be successful, RIM still has nothing for its young new followers to purchase – it is still at least six months away from the release of its Blackberry 10 devices. Good luck convincing those young adults to invest in products that are months old in the face of new releases from Android, Apple and Windows 8. Poor RIM. It’s almost painful to watch.

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  • johnshue

    Who names their kid Streeter?

  • Matt Carson

    Amir’s twitter is @jakeandamir. That’s some fan’s account. Nice reporting.

  • StatsProfessor

     That’s because they are all stuck on 3 year contracts.  This is changing fast and Rim already lost the #1 spot in Canada just recently.