World’s First Bluetooth Smart Ready Tablet, Incorporating Bluetooth v4.0

Bluetooth 4Everybody is talking about the 4G LTE technology but the addition of Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready low energy technology is an equally impressive addition to their wireless offering.

As both a Smart Ready device and Smart Ready Hub, the new iPad has received a significant connectivity upgrade that will be enjoyed equally by manufacturers, developers and consumers.

Implementation of the Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready hub technology means that developers can consume and manipulate data coming from attached devices using Apple’s own API in a way that is “secure, diverse, real-time and inherently lightweight.” Consider glucose monitors or weight scales that transmit your health information to a wellness management app automatically or the potential uses for the information gathered from bar code scanners or remote controls for other electronics.

Consumers will enjoy the wider range of devices that they can connect with increased functionality and potential. Not only that, with energy consumption minimized you will be changing batteries far less often, if at all! No more recharging your wireless keyboard after a long meeting or watching the battery charge meter on your iPhone 4S go down in front of your eyes while you have your tablet and smartphone connected.

The new iPad is the first Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready tablet, which demonstrates Apple’s interest in the wireless technology and understanding of the importance of third-party accessories to the expansion of their product’s usefulness. Strict adherence to standards makes Bluetooth an excellent option for manufacturers wanting to harness the power of tablet or smartphone in order to extend their own product lines.

Keyboards and remote controls (for use with your television, home theater system or thermostat) are a logical applications of Bluetooth 4.0 technology, but an ever-growing line of fitness equipment is becoming just as popular. Do you have a favorite accessory that you would like to see upgraded to be Smart Ready?

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