Apple Stock Already Running Low on Certain iPad Model Preorders

New iPad

How long after the launch did you hit the Apple Store to pre-order your new third generation iPad? If you are as excited as I am (White 64GB with WiFi for me, thank you) you already have your order processed. If you hesitated over the last 24 hours and are still considering a pre-order you may want to act fast –supplies are already appearing limited (though it seems to depend on which country you are shopping from and which provider you require if your choice is one of the 4G LTE models).

While all models were originally available for delivery on March 16, some are pushed back to March 19 or 20 now. The next bump will likely be to a few weeks later (if Apple’s past launches are any indication).

It appears that when it comes to color, overwhelmingly people are choosing white this go around. I think the reason may just be that in lieu of a significant form-factor change, people who went with black in the earlier models want to feel like they have a brand new device even more than they already will. That, and the white looks really sharp and unlike any of the other tablets out on the market.

The other interesting trend is toward the 16GB and 64GB models being the most popular with the 32GB lagging behind. A guess based on my own personal experience would say that iPad users tend to fall into one of two categories: light-duty users (who are often new to tablets or intend to use them for only very basic tasks) and power users (those looking for a device to support their daily activities and tend to host a wide variety of apps and other data). I fall into the latter category (and tend to be somewhat of an app hoarder, loving so many that I just can’t bring myself to give up) so until Apple lets us install apps ‘in the cloud’ I am going to need as much storage as I can get my hands on!

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