Get the Scoop on AT&T And Verizon’s 4G LTE iPad Data Plans

Todays iPad announcement revealed that the LTE rumors were true – both AT&T and Verizon will be getting 4G LTE iPads with speeds of up to 73 Mpbs, meaning photos, videos, and app downloads will load at lightning speed.

Those ultra high speeds also mean that you’re going to be eating up data at a faster rate, so we thought we’d take a look at the plans that both LTE carriers are offering for current and potential customers. We spoke with representatives from AT&T and Verizon to get the details.

Verizon’s data plans for the new iPad will be the same for all of their LTE tablets, ranging from 1GB of data for $20 to 10GB for $80. Here’s the complete list:

  • 1 GB – $20
  • 2 GB – $30
  • 5 GB – $50
  • 10 GB – $80

All of Verizon’s plans include the mobile hotspot functionality, which is important because the iPad is now able to function as a personal hotspot.

AT&T’s pricing will remain the same, with no changes. Here’s the price list:

  • 250 MB – $14.99
  • 3 GB – $30
  • 5 GB – $50

Most importantly, those of you with grandfathered unlimited plans will be able to hold onto those plans at the exact same price. Here’s what the AT&T rep had to say “If you had an unlimited plan on an earlier iPad, you can keep it if you want to.”

If you’re new to the 4G LTE iPads, it looks like AT&T is currently offering the better deals, since its 3GB plan is the same price as Verizon’s 2GB plan.

Those of you who have an unlimited AT&T plan probably know that AT&T has been fiddling with its throttling, first limiting the top 5% of its customers, but now there’s a policy in place that allows unlimited 3G users to access 3GB of data and LTE users to access 5GB of data before being throttled.

Essentially, this means if you’ve got a grandfathered AT&T plan, you’re getting the 5GB plan for $29.99, and you won’t have to worry about being charged extra if you go over your cap.

Currently, AT&T charges $10 per 1 GB in overages for customers on their 3GB and 5GB plans. If you’re on the smaller 250MB or  300MB plan, overage fees will run you $14.99 for an additional 250MB or $20 for an additional 300MB respectively.  Verizon’s overage fee is a flat $10 per 1 GB for any current tablet data plan.

Are you getting a 4G iPad? Which carrier will you choose?

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  • Dave

    Getting the 64GB Verizon LTE iPad as the coverage is better.

  • Ian Cull

    “$14.99 for every 250 GB in overage” does not seem to be correct!

    • Bill_PadGadget

      thanks for the catch.  We’ve updated the information.

    • Juli Clover

      Yeah, that would have been quite the deal, haha. It’s per 250MB! Thank you :)

  • CrisChapman

    Since I’m grandfathered, guess I’m sticking with AT&T, but what I have read the IPAD LTE’s are separate radios for Verizon and AT&T.
    Has anyone heard this too?

  • Bill

    Can we assume that a microSIM swap will NOT work this time to move the grandfathered data plans?  Forcing a call (ugh) to ATT