App Store Gets a Facelift Ahead of iPad 3 Launch

With the much-anticipated Apple product announcement event mere hours away, Apple has made some minor adjustments to the “Top Charts” section of the iPad’s App Store. This redesign is just another teaser for what is to come in San Francisco later this morning.

The changes are minor and mainly affect the “Top Charts” section. Instead of the usual 25 top paid apps listed on the left side and top free apps listed on the right, they are listed horizontally in groups of six.

The first six top paid apps are listed on top and instead of a “display more” link the apps can be browsed by swiping from right to left. Load time is exponentially faster with this new user interface, it used to take a few seconds to list the next 25 apps with the previous design.

In addition to the top paid and top free apps listed, top grossing iPad apps are grouped right below and there is a “Show iPhone Apps” button at the bottom of the page. These changes appear to only affect the App Store that can be accessed from the iPad.

According to Apple Insider, the reason for the change in user interface may be due to the resolution of the iPad 3’s display. Because of the Retina display, image assets must be scaled or a doubling in pixel density would result in a perceived decrease in icon size.

As the minutes tick by and more changes are made, we become more confident that our early predictions about what to expect Apple to announce are on the right track.

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