Verizon Already Prepping for iPad 3 Launch

A day ahead of the iPad 3 launch, Verizon Wireless has a new teaser on the home page of its site, reading “something is coming.” You can be among the first to hear what it is that Verizon has to offer if you enter your e-mail address.

The likely announcement? Verizon’s brand new iPad, which will looks like it’s going to come equipped with 4G LTE.

Verizon is the carrier with the nation’s largest LTE network, which currently reaches 200 million people. AT&T, the other U.S. carrier with an LTE network began rolling it out a bit later, so the company’s 4G only covers 74 million people.

Verizon first received the iPad in March of 2011, when the iPad 2 was released. The first generation 3G iPad was only available to AT&T customers, but it all three iDevice carriers – Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon – are set to get the iPad 3. While Verizon and AT&T may get a 4G version, Sprint, which lacks a 4G LTE network, will be stuck with 3G as Apple won’t be releasing a 4G WiMAX iPad anytime soon.

LTE isn’t a sure thing as of yet, since just last year Tim Cook bemoaned the poor battery life of the first generation chips, which prevented the iPhone 4S from coming with 4G support. However, it’s suspected that the iPad 3 has a significantly improved battery life to deal with the increased power drain.

Either way, if you want to find out what Verizon has to offer, visit the site and enter your email address – you’ll likely hear from the company just after Apple’s own announcement.

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