Google Reinvents Android Market With Google Play– Can it Unseat Apple?

Google has decided to combine all of its software services and applications, including Google Music, Google Books, Google movie streaming, and the Android Marketplace into one, handy dandy place, which it’s dubbed “Google Play.”

Google Play, much like iTunes, is a consolidated place where Android and Google users can access all of the content that Google has to offer.

The idea, according to Google’s director of digital content for Android, Jamie Rosenberg, is to create “a single Google experience around digital content.” While the Web hub is currently open for immediate browsing, it will be a few weeks before Android phones and tablets have access to the new one-stop-shop.

With the newly unified service, Android users will be able to purchase songs or books on their devices and also access the content through the website. Users who purchase content, such as movies and songs, on the web will also be able to access that content on their Android devices. The service is entirely cloud-based, so everything is always stored online.

Additionally, all existing videos, books and music apps will be upgraded to Google Play Movies, Books, and Music, and will continue to be available to customers.

Like iTunes Genius functionality, Google Play will provide customers with recommendations for apps, books, and songs based on their past purchasing and browsing history.

Google’s new streamlined service is a welcome addition to the typically fragmented Android experience, and it puts the Mountain View-based company on par with the more organized content hubs from Apple and Microsoft.

To celebrate, the company is currently running a promotion for a different album, book, video rental, or Android app at a special, deeply discounted price each day for the next week.

Want to check out the new Google Play hub? Head on over to the Google Play website, where you can explore what the store has to offer.

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  • Captain ZADL

    It’s about time. Good luck! May your innovations and competition spur greater functionality among all tablet makers!