Major iPad 3 Shipments on their Way to the US

We know the third generation iPad will be announced on March 7th, but when will it be shipped? That’s the big question on everyone’s mind. The new iPad could be available as soon as a week after the announcement, as there have been hints that Apple is currently in the process of preparing large shipments of iPads for the US.

Apparently, changes to the price of air cargo via DHL is a signal that Apple is taking up significant freight capacity on flights from the Far East to America. The lack of space for other shipments has driven the price up this week.

That’s been corroborated by MacRumors, who spoke with sources in the shipping industry. According to those sources, shipping rates rose as much as 20 percent in one week because Apple took up available capacity at premium rates.

Since Apple is likely shipping millions of iPads for its launch date, DHL is likely just one of many carriers that the company is using. After two years of launches where there just wasn’t enough product available, I’m hoping this is the year that Apple gets it right and is able to provide enough supply to meet demand.

Last year, Apple released the iPad 2 on March 2nd, and it was available for sale just nine days later on March 11th. If the same release pattern is followed, the iPad 3 will be announced on Wednesday, March 7th and could be released for sale on Friday, March 16th.

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