British Prime Minister Set to Run the Country with Custom $30,000 iPad App

Prime Minister David CameronBritish Prime Minister, David Cameron, has commissioned the creation of a “management dashboard” designed to keep “real time data on issues such as polling, Government statistics, unemployment numbers, NHS waiting list and movements in the markets” at his fingertips. Literally.

While some tax payers are criticizing the USD $30,000 price tag, it seems a small price to pay for a customized and targeted tool that can be utilized to help run the country.

Described by some as a “distraction” and a “waste of money”, they offer no progressive-minded alternatives.

Consider for a moment what had to be done in the past to provide the prime minister with this information, with a process that likely included at least one dedicated staff member constantly gathering these requisite statistics and news items. This same staff member would have had to deliver them in some way (whether on paper or electronically) and wouldn’t always be by Cameron’s side, day and night. With the addition of this new app, the Prime Minister has the details he needs (along with the power to read news and event details from around the world with ease) in the palm of his hand; again, literally.

It doesn’t seem like it would take long to recover the development costs when you consider this increase in productivity and decrease in consumable costs like paper, photocopying and ink. Besides which, it would seem reasonable for the Prime Minister to invest a little capital into a tool that he feels will help him to be a more effective leader –better to judge him on his skills in that area.

Sources have indicated that once ready, this app will be distributed and utilized by other areas of government which may bolster the value. Recently, MPs and peers were permitted to use iPads in House of Commons and House of Lords chambers.

Cameron is well known for being what some would call an iPad addict, speaking openly about his love of Angry Birds and media streaming applications that allow him to catch up on his favorite BBC programs and enjoy Internet radio.

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