Apple Predicted to Ship 40 Million iPad 3s this Year

DigiTimes is reporting that industry sources in the Apple supply chain have predicted that the company is likely to ship 65 million iPads in 2012.  While 40 million of them are expected to be the upcoming third-generation iPad 3, 25 million reduced-price iPad 2s are expected to make their way to consumers’ hands as well.

This information comes as DigiTimes reported that Samsung Electronics became the top supplier of iPad display screens in January with 2.45 million units shipped in January 2012, up from 1.65 million units in December 2011.

LG Display has long been Apple’s top iPad display supplier, but was overtaken by Samsung in January. The company shipped only 1.7 million units in January, which is a significant drop from its performance in December, shipping 2.1 million units.

Total shipments of iPads for the first quarter of 2012 is expected to be as much as 9 million for the iPad 3 in addition to a predicted 8 million iPad 2s, bringing a total of approximately 17 million units for the first quarter alone.

Shipment of iPad 2s is expected to continue to be high because of the rumored price reduction of the second-generation model. When the iPad 2 hit the market in 2011, Apple slashed the price of the first-generation model by $100. The same is anticipated to happen this year with the iPad 3, which we hope to hear about in two days.

Apple shipped 40.5 million iPads in 2011. If these predictions are correct, the iPad will be one of Apple’s fastest growing products of all time.

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