Apple iPad 3 Cases Already Being Shipped to Local Best Buys

As Apple’s product announcement draws close, leaks and rumors abound. The announcement is widely assumed to be about the third-generation iPad. Phone Arena has just released information to add support to the confirmation that Apple will, indeed be releasing the iPad 3 very soon.

Last week, we mentioned that Best Buy employees leaked shipment details pertaining to products from accessory maker Zagg, categorizing their new InvisibleSHIELD under the iPad 3 label. The “in-stock” date for that order was March 11.

Phone Arena’s newest information, coming from a “tipster,” is that tablet accessories being shipped to Best Buy have a pink sticker on top of the boxes saying, “Do not display until official iPad 3 launch.”

From the many rumors that have been floating about the Web, it is believed that the iPad 3 will look nearly identical to its predecessor, with less than a millimeter change in thickness and only a slightly more tapered design. Some may wonder why a new case will be needed for the third-generation iPad at all.

Presuming the two will be as close in size as rumored, some cases have such a snug fit that any increase or rounding of edges will make the iPad 2 cases ineffectual. Most cases, however, will likely still fit the new iPad model. That is, unless the rumored larger rear-facing camera is too big for the hole in your current iPad case.

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