7-inch iPad Mini Rumor Still Going Strong

Will they or won’t they? That’s the big question surrounding Apple’s rumored 7-inch Mini iPad, and according to Samsung, the little tablet has been given the green light.

OLED-Display.net got its hands on an official Samsung Securities document, in which  Analyst JungHoon Chang predicts that Apple is going to release a smaller version, 7-inch version of its iPad during the third quarter of 2012. He also confirmed the existence of the high resolution IPS panels that are in the iPad 3.

That’s not all. The document also reveals that the South Korean company’s Mobile Display division is in talks with Apple to deliver flexible AMOLED panels for future tablets and phones.

Flexible AMOLED panels may be used in Apple devices at some point, but currently, Samsung is only able to produce 54 million panels annually, which isn’t enough to fulfill Apple’s supply orders. That means we aren’t going to see these panels in Apple devices until companies are able to produce them on a larger scale.

While flexible AMOLED panels seem reasonable for future devices, I’m still not sold on the iPad Mini. Sure, Apple may be testing a smaller tablet as the Wall Street Journal claimed last month, but that doesn’t mean the product is going to see the light of day.

Steve Jobs, after all, was famously against a smaller form factor. Wouldn’t  a smaller tablet fragment Apple’s App Store? Would we see apps in iPhone, iPad, and then iPad Mini sizes? Jobs believed that the current size of the iPad was ideal, and that anything smaller was too minuscule to express the software. Do you agree? Will Apple introduce a smaller iPad?

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