Apple Prepping its Troops for More iCloud Power

Apple Jobs

During an investor conference last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook indicated that iCloud would be at the core of the company’s strategy “for the next decade or more.”

On Friday, Cook put his money where his mouth is (so to speak) with Apple posting a number of jobs for iCloud-focused engineers that are interested in “developing the next generation of cloud support for iOS and OS X.” If this describes you, you have a passion for Apple (and perfection) and your career path permits, this may be your lucky day.

The openings span quite a range of skills, including an iCloud Server Software Engineer, iCloud Java Server Engineer, two iCloud Senior Software Engineers, two iCloud Software Engineers, iCloud Java Server Software Engineer, iCloud C/C++ Server Software Engineer, iCloud Game Center Server Engineer, iCloud Backend Server Engineer – Java, iCloud Backend Server Engineer – C++ and Windows Engineer – iCloud.

Apple has big plans for iCloud beyond even those we are already aware of (you can be certain). With the upgrade to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion coming later this year, the desktop operating system will feature a much tighter integration with the iCloud service with the addition of messaging and file services that (are expected to) operate seamlessly.

It can’t hurt to have a few more hands on deck as Apple approaches the end of MobileMe and the forced transition to iCloud –many legacy users are concerned that the new service will not suit their needs while others feel that MobileMe was a mess and are fearful this will be worse.

Apple Jobs - Numbers

Apple is one of the most significant employers in the United States, playing a significant role in at least 500,000 jobs that are “created or supported” by the company; a number that doesn’t take into account the considerable International employment impact either.

With recent books hitting shelves and minds like Inside Apple by former Apple employee Adam Lashinsky, we have learned that while it may not be the easiest company to work for there is certainly a great deal of pride and potential to be had as an employee.

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    and still they can’t find one to make iTune not run like a POS in windows.