Sprint Debuts a TV App for iOS

SprintTVIf you happen to be a Sprint iPhone customer, you will be delighted to discover the new television streaming app designed by the company for their subscribers.

Using this app you can tune in to your favorite prime-time shows on all of the major networks, watch live sports (including college football, baseball, basketball, hockey and horseracing) on ESPN Mobile TV or choose specialty services like those for weather or kids programming from Disney Channel.

For an added fee you can add additional channels to your lineup including specialty themes such as: Sprint TV en Vivo (Spanish language entertainment from Univision, Telemundo, ESPN Deportes, Azteca America and more), Sprint TV 4Biz (FOX Business, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network and The Street), Playground TV (Nick Jr. and PBS Kids), My Life TV (E!, TLC, The Style Network, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network and Splash News) and the Urban Zone (BET).

All fees for your premium subscription selections will be automatically billed to your Sprint Wireless Account.

SprintTV Screenshot

Streaming for Sprint TV is available over WiFi as well as the cellular network so you never have to be without a television!

Unfortunately for those without Sprint service, you can still download the app but it will not function for you. It would have been nice if the App Store featured a way to limit downloads by provider for incompatible apps or if there was a space to specify which services it works with. While the app description does indicate it is free for Sprint subscribers, the wording insinuated to me that you could still use it for a fee.

With value-added incentives like these, service providers are going to have to step up their games if they want to remain competitive; it’s no longer just about ‘the most minutes for the least amount of money’.

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  • TomasHunter

    I have had this service available on my Android EVO4g since I got it. iPhone users were never really missing anything. The free channels have little to offer and I don’t understand why I would pay for these cable channels that I already subscribe to through my employer DISH. Why would I pay twice for the same access? I have had a Sling Adapter connected to my DVR almost as long as I have had my phone. This allows me to stream any live TV channel or DVR recording to my phone over 3g, 4g or WIFI. It works on iOS devices too! As an employee, I think this is one of the best parts of having DISH service. Sprint should focus on improving their network and customer service and leave the TV to the pros.