Flipboard for iPad Update Adds Cover Stories

Everyone’s favorite magazine-style news aggregator got an update today, adding “Cover Stories” to the iPad. Cover Stories were first introduced in December, when the iPhone version of Flipboard was released.

Cover Stories highlight the most interesting news, photos, and status updates shared by friends and followers, making it the perfect way to get a quick glimpse of what’s happening on the Internet.

With curated results, Cover Stories’ algorithm uses link popularity to decide what to display. A link that’s heavily tweeted, shared, and commented on is the type of story that will show up in this new featured section on the iPad. The new Cover Stories section on the Flipboard start page looks much like the iPhone version, and features an organized collection of articles and status updates.

The new 1.8 update also includes an improved photo layout with full-screen images, a third page of tiles for content, all new typography for an even better look, and International Content Guides for hundreds of recommendations for users based outside of the U.S.

Flipboard’s 1.8 update is currently available for download, and the app itself can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

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