iPad 3 Available in Low Quantities at Launch, Expect Long Wait

Apple EventSay it isn’t so! The only thing worse than waiting for the launch of the new iPad 3 is having to wait to get your hands on one! Reports indicate that because of the new high resolution Retina displays, supplies may be limited and it may take as long as a month for Apple to have enough units to meet the (anticipated) demand.

This news comes as somewhat of a shock given that the screens are supposedly being supplied by as many as 3 manufacturers, including Sharp, LG Display and Samsung Electronics.

According to DigiTimes, “As a result [of the supply-chain shortages], iPad 2 will remain the mainstream in shipments in the most part of the first quarter before shipments of the iPad 3 start gaining momentum in the second quarter.”

This would be unlike Apple’s more recent launches where there were seemingly abundant supplies of new products (sure, some folks did have to wait a few weeks for their iPhone 4S but there were a substantial number of pre-orders that were fulfilled on schedule).

Before you panic though, let’s wait and see what happens. There are still a lot of unknowns: will there be multiple colors (white/black I would presume) available at launch (or at all)? what storage options will be available for the new iPad 3 (16GB/32GB/64GB or maybe even a new 128GB model)? will Apple allow pre-orders of the new tablets? will there be a mini version of the iPad available (this one seems unlikely)? will Apple continue to sell the iPad 2 but at a reduced price? will Apple also simultaneously launch a lower-spec version of the iPad 2 in an effort to compete in the lower-priced market?

I won’t lie, I’ll be terribly disappointed if I can’t grab an iPad 3 the first moment they go on sale… but I will survive if I have to wait. I think we have all grown used to huge demand translating into occasional delays.

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