Headphones Round Up – There’s Something for Everyone!

Most of us iPhone and iPad users inevitably use our devices with headphones, but picking out a great pair that suits your needs is more complicated than running into a store and grabbing the first set on the shelf.

To help you find the best headphones to use with your device, we’ve gathered up a list of some of the best headphones to suit everyone, from trendsetters and fashionistas to gamers, athletes, and audiophiles. Check it out and find the perfect pair so you can ditch those uncomfortable default Apple earbuds.

Urbanears Plattan Headphones ($60) – These headphones come in a rainbow of colors, from raspberry and teal to orange and purple, so there’s a color for every occasion and outfit. These fashionable headphones are not only comfortable and good looking, they also sound great. As a bonus, they fold down into the size of your first for easy transport, and with the Zoundplug on the side, a friend can listen to your music too.

V-Moda Vibe Duo ($49.95) – The V-Moda Vibe in-ear headphones are great for mobility, sound, and comfort. Shut out the outside world when using Facetime, Skype, or just making simple calls with built-in noise cancellation and a high-quality microphone with call control button. Take calls, control your music, and use these anywhere thanks to soft silicone fittings. Perfect for gaming, phone calls, and listening to music.

Etymotic Research HF2 Headset ($144.86) – Audiophiles will definitely want to take a look at these high-tech earphones, which feature exceptional sound quality with an 85%+ response accuracy and 105 dB SPL sensitivity. Specially designed earphone tips create 35 to 42 dB of noise isolation, and with 3 types of eartips you’ll find the perfect fit for your ears. As a bonus, there’s a close-proximity, high sensitivity microphone that works great for calls, too.

FunkyFonic Headphones ($28) – Looking for something funky, or a solution for kids? These headphones come in fun and colorful designs with easy fit earcups and a reversible design for easy single-sided monitoring. The adjustable head piece allows the headphones to fit easily on kids and adults alike, and they fold up for easy storage. Get them in orange/blue, red/black, pink/green, spotted ladybug, or black with skulls.

Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones ($299.95) – If you’re looking to splurge on a great set of headphones, you won’t go wrong with these. Bose is known for being the ultimate in both comfort and sound quality. They’ve got a soft-cushioned, around-the-ear fit, plus advanced noise reduction for better music quality when traveling, at home, or at work. An additional cable with an inline microphone also makes these suitable for phone calls and video chats.

Thinksound TS01 Wooden Headphones ($64.99) – These wood and aluminum earphones are environmentally-friendly (PVC-free, plastic-free, and made with sustainable wood) and they look ultra stylish too. Did I mention they’ve got great sound quality? With an extra large dynamic driver, there’s outstanding bass plus the wood gives a more natural sound with more resonance than plastic or metal earbuds. You can get these in five styles, including Silver Cherry and Black Chocolate finish, in sizes 8mm-10mm.

JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones ($99) – With these shake proof, Bluetooth wireless earbuds, you’ll never have to bother with tangled cords or poorly fitting earbuds. They’ve got an incredibly secure fit that’s perfect for sports, and with a clean, natural design and wearing style you can keep these in for hours at a time without irritation. The sweat proof headphones come with three sizes of ear tips and three sizes of secure fit ear cushions for use with workouts.

Marshall Major FX ($140) – These headphones are an all around set that’s perfect for every activity, and, most importantly, they’re ultra comfortable and designed for all-day listening. Planning on a long gaming session or do you listen to music at work? If so, these are a good solution if you’re looking for incredible comfort and quality in an attractive and affordable package. Super soft ear cushions rest lightly on your ears, and with the included microphone and remote, you can make calls and control your music.

JH16 Pro In-Ear Monitors ($1149) – Are you looking for the ultimate music experience? Look no further. These custom-fit in-ear monitors promise to deliver rockstar sound quality with unsurpassed audio clarity and accuracy. These headphones are the choice of professional musicians, and snagging a set will require a meeting with an audiologist and a custom mold for the absolute perfect fit. Don’t want to spend so much on a pair of headphones? Don’t worry, they’ve got several models, starting with the JH 10X3 Pro, which retails for just $799.

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