Get Ready, Facebook to Include Ads in Mobile News Feed and Logout Screen

Facebook's New Ad Placements

This morning, Facebook’s Director of Marketing, Mike Hoefflinger, announced that Facebook is planning on adding its premium ads to both the mobile news feed and the logout page, in addition to the web news feed and the web sidebar.

What does this mean for the average Facebook user? Well, when you log out, as many of us often do (Facebook records 37 million logouts per day) you will see oversized, nearly full-screen page ads– and that includes iPhones and iPads, both web and native apps.

These large ads are designed to allow marketers to show off their Page posts in a much more eye-catching fashion than the typical sidebar ads. Currently, the logout screen is blank, with no engaging content to attract users to view it. For that reason, expect ads to be bold and attention-grabbing – those marketers want you to click their ads instead of just mindlessly hitting the logout button, after all.

Logout ad pages will be able to be targeted at any Facebook user, rather than just a Page’s fans. According to Hoefflinger, Facebook’s newly titled “Reach Generator” ad distribution system allowed Ben & Jerry’s to reach 98 percent of their fans for a 3 to 1 return on investment.

The Reach Generator is part of Facebook’s premium managed accounts, and it will use a fixed fee price structure based on the number of fans that a Page has. The service automatically assists brands in selecting high potential posts, and then it boosts them through the new ad placements. The goal, says Facebook executives, is to give Pages a wider distribution to fans. Currently, only 16 percent of a Page’s fans see all of the Page posts.

While web news feed and sidebar ads have always been available, Facebook just added mobile news feed ads, which became live today. Meaning if you’re not seeing ads in your feed on your mobile device already, you will be quite soon.

Facebook also mentioned that its news feed ads are receiving a 5-10x higher click-through rate than its standard sidebar ads. Let’s hope that Facebook also keeps in mind the fact that people aren’t going to use a site that’s overwhelmed with ads everywhere, otherwise it may turn out to be a sinking ship just like MySpace.

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