Proview is Trying to Take a Bite Out of Apple

iPad in ChinaWhat is this company thinking? Well, they have nothing to lose by throwing everything they can at Apple. This time, the faltering company wants global rights to the iPad name. Good luck with that, buddy.

FoxNews is reporting that Proview Electronics, infamous for its recent attempt to get the iPad banned in China over a trademark dispute, is seeking to have the original 2009 sale of the name ruled void in order to regain ownership worldwide.

Proview, who amended its lawsuit on Monday in Santa Clara, California’s Superior Court, is now suing Apple, Inc. for alleged fraud and unfair competition. Not only is the company making these egregious accusations, but it is also seeking unspecified compensation in the form of a share of Apple’s profits.

Proview recently received a blow to its mounting lawsuit against Apple. Shanghai High Courts rejected the company’s request for an injunction banning iPad sales in China. Proview had claimed that the company that sold Apple the trademark didn’t own it. Apple is maintaining that Proview is not honoring its deal and the evidence shows that Proview not only knew about the transaction, but it was even involved in the approval of it.

From FoxNews:

In its release, Proview said its amended complaint in the U.S. case is meant to provide details of Apple’s alleged “fraudulent actions.”

“Among the many allegations in the U.S complaint are fraud by intentional misrepresentation, fraud by concealment, fraudulent inducement, and unfair competition,” Proview said.

The struggling electronics company may have won a few small victories in its attempt to take back ownership of the name, but it is highly unlikely that the U.S. will see this as a reasonable request from Proview.

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