New Apple TV to Launch Alongside iPad 3, Sources Claim

Apple TVIt’s finally official, the next Apple event is slated for March 7 (and I can say with all honesty that many of us couldn’t be more excited)! We all expect the launch of a new iPad but many sources are claiming that we may also see the release of a new Apple TV at the same time.

I think there is a good chance that if this rumor proves true that this will be the Apple TV-S (aka a stepping-stone upgrade) and not ‘THE’ television solution that we are waiting for.

If this is the case and the upgrades are fairly minor, it would make perfect sense to pair the announcement with another more exciting one such that it does not come across as a disappointment.

So what kind of upgrades might we expect from a stepping-stone style release? I think it is reasonable to expect the remote will be improved (Bluetooth perhaps) and a faster processor– most likely the recently uncovered A5X. Nice-to-have features would be things like support for Siri and the availability of on-board storage (like with the original Apple TV).

I would say it’s also very likely that the new Apple TV would deliver 1080p video which could coincide nicely with the iPad 3 announcement if both devices can stream high definition feeds directly from iTunes (currently HD feeds are capped at 720p).

An interim upgrade in this manner would serve several purposes, not the least of which is buying Apple time to dot their I’s and cross their T’s and fine-tune their television revolution in a way that only Apple can; but also to test drive (in as much as Apple does that) the upgrades and enhancements that will be required in the guts and glory of the next, bigger solution.

Would upgrades like those rumored be enough to make you buy an Apple TV? Would you upgrade one you already own?

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