It’s Official! Apple iPad 3 Event to Be Held March 7

Apple has sent out the official invite for an upcoming product announcement. This is what we have been waiting for and speculating on for months now. The wait is soon to be over and the mystery will be revealed.

The invitation hints at what we can expect to see and it is definitely not a phone. The text, “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” implies that this announcement will be big. We’re not just talking about a software update here.

Rumors have been buzzing around the Internet a whole lot lately. As recently as a few hours ago, CNBC unofficially announced that the Apple event would be held in New York. However, soon after that the news banner posted on CNBC’s official website was removed (although the Tweet wasn’t), and with good cause. The event will not be held in New York, but in San Francisco, as Apple product announcements usually are, at 10:00 a.m. PST.

Some of the rumors we are hoping to see made clear include the purported Retina display screen, an eight megapixel camera, A5x or A6 processor, 4G LTE support, Siri and a very slightly different shaped body. Additionally, speculation has mounted that Apple may be unveiling an iPad mini along with the third-generation tablet.

No matter what the rumors, we’ll be close at hand, ready to report on all the gooey goodness that Apple will reveal in just over a week.

[Via: Wired]

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