iPad Jobs Grew 125% in 2011

Freelancer.com, a site that represents the largest outsourcing marketplace, just released its findings on the fastest growing online jobs with its new Freelancer Fast 50 for 2011. The site examines hundreds of thousands of jobs that are posted, to discover trends in community and developer interest.

According to the data, iPad related jobs increased to 5,589 jobs in 2011, which is a 125 percent growth.

That’s a growth of 22 percent per quarter and has surpassed the growth rate of iPhone jobs, which are currently increasing at 18 percent per quarter. This growth can be attributed to the rapidly increasing sales of iPad applications, which is only expected to increase as applications catch up to the growth rate at which iPads are currently shipping.

The iPad 3, especially, should have a significant impact on the number of iPad jobs as developers continue to switch to the successful platform.

In contrast to the rapid growth of iPad jobs, jobs related to RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook ended up being entirely insignificant, with essentially no interest in the platform at all. BlackBerry jobs, overall, only grew 14 percent.

Microsoft too, seems to be struggling, with a 29 percent decrease in jobs to a total of 888. Symbian and Nokia suffered even more, down 34 percent and 44 percent, respectively.

Speaking of iOS competitors, Android ended up being particularly successful in 2011, growing by a total of 163 percent to 7,431 jobs, which is double the iPhone’s growth rate of 81 percent, or 12,537 jobs.

Freelancer.com is predicting that the number of new applications developed for Android will overtake the iPhone by the fourth quarter of 2012, namely because the open Android platform is more appealing to developers.

Of course, a 2012 launch of the iPhone 5 could potentially have a significant impact on that prediction, drawing far more developers to the platform.

Freelancer.com’s data was extracted from a total of 783,373 jobs posted on the Freelancer.com website in 2010 and 2011.

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