iPad 3 Rumor of the Day: iPad 3 Thicker than iPad 2?

We’ve heard that the iPad 3 will need to be thicker than the iPad 2 in order to accommodate its enhanced high-resolution display, and today, measurements of a supposed iPad 3 rear panel have confirmed that fact.

The rear panel measurements, which come courtesy of Apple.pro, measure in at 9.50mm thick, which is 0.81mm thicker than the rear panel for the iPad 2, which measures 8.69mm.

Apple’s originally iPad was a whole 4mm thicker than the second generation iPad 2, so this increase of slightly less than 1mm will hardly be noticeable. Apple generally isn’t in the business of making its devices thicker, but I’ll take a millimeter of thickness if it means I get that glorious retina display along with it.

A thicker iPad is going to allow Apple to fit more inside, which is necessary to house the iPad 3’s larger battery, which is needed to support its display and its rumored LTE support.

The photos have also revealed that the rear panel of the iPad 3 will have a slightly more tapered design and will also accommodate a larger rear facing camera lens than the one that was present in the iPad 2.

In just over a week, we’ll be able to find out for ourselves what kind of components those iPads are sporting, at Apple’s newly announced event which will take place on March 7th in San Francisco

Note: The picture supplied by Apple.pro contains 2 typos:

  • the iPad 2 is 8.69mm thick (not 86.9mm)
  • the alleged iPad 3 is 9.5mm thick (not 95.0mm)

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  • bolthouse

    Now if these guys can come in super amoleds. I really dont care about lcds

  • http://www.facebook.com/JesseDJ Jesse Diaz

    I hope the placement of the speaker is a little different.  We lose so much volume by where its placed now on the ipad 2