CNBC Reports Apple to Unveil Quad Core 4G LTE iPad 3 at New York City Event Next Week

iPad Release Tweet

CNBC issued a tweet earlier this morning indicating that Apple has plans to release their new quad-core 4G LTE iPad 3 at an event to be held next week in New York City.

Of course, moments later the news (which had been displayed prominently in a breaking news banner on the CNBC homepage) was removed, though the tweet remains.

The fact that the announcement had specific details about the hardware configuration is very unlike Apple in that they rarely give anything away pre-launch, which in itself may mean it’s a little more contrived than fact.

Jim Dalrymple, owner of the Loop, is usually known for being a reliable source of information and his only comment was to say that the report was wrong about the location. This makes sense given that Apple’s usual pattern is to hold significant launch events in San Fransisco or at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino –though you will recall that the Educational event held just a few weeks ago happened in New York City (I wouldn’t discount that perhaps this change in venue is Cook’s way of doing things a little differently so as to disassociate himself from the traditional Steve Jobs style of addressing the public).

If the dates we have heard are correct, we should expect to see the invites coming out tomorrow in anticipation of a March 7th event (normally Apple gives 1 week’s notice to the press for these occasions).

It may also be possible that CNBC is just trying to capitalize on the excitement being generated for the iPad 3 launch and knew that all eyes are on the Internet looking for even the slightest hint. Whether intentional or not, I am certain it worked and CNBC is enjoying considerable traffic as we all remain on the edges of our seats hoping for a little bit more information that gets us closer to the iPad 3.

I am actually starting to wonder which device receives more anticipation and intrigue –the iPad or the iPhone?

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