Adobe Releases Photoshop Touch for iPad 2

Adobe Photoshop Touch, a new release from Adobe, is meant to be the iPad version of Photoshop. It comes with many of Photoshop’s core functions, plus all new features that were specially designed for a tablet interface.

With Photoshop Touch, tablet artists can use layers to merge multiple photos, make edits with an array of selection tools and adjustments, and apply effects to create perfectly edited photographs, paintings, and more.

A scribble selection tool, a new masking capability for the iPad, allows users to extract objects in an image by drawing on what to keep and what to remove, to create fast and easy edited photos. With Refine Edge, users can even select soft edges, like hair, in no time at all with just a fingertip.

The iPad camera can be used to fill an area on a layer will the camera fill feature, another function that’s unique to the iPad, and images can be found quickly using integrated Google Image Search.

The app also comes with a set of built-in step-by-step tutorials to help users to quickly learn the techniques available and create great looking images almost immediately. It also supports AirPrint and Adobe Creative Cloud for opening layered files from CS5.

While the fully featured Photoshop for computers costs hundreds of dollars, Photoshop Touch for the iPad is available for just $9.99. Want to give it a try? Head on over to the App Store, where it is currently available for download.

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