Hasbro Puts the Best Part of Monopoly into its own App, Buying Hotels

When I was a kid, I hated playing Monopoly with my brother because he would always beat me. Even if I owned almost ever neighborhood on the board, he would make me go bankrupt by filling up his land with hotels. Hotels are the key to winning Monopoly.

Now, Hasbro and Electronic Arts have teamed up to create an app that lets you build hotels from the inside out. You may not win any board games with it, but you’ll get to create the perfect vacation spot for Mr. Potato Head.

Players are given a few hundred dollars and a hotel on Mediterranean Avenue to get started. Rich Uncle Pennybags is on hand to show you the ropes. He explains how to build rooms, add decorations and include attractions. All are important to building the perfect hotel.

When players reach a new level, large sums of money fall from the sky that must be tapped in order for it to go into their coffers. Money is constantly trickling from the sky in one or two-dollar increments, which keeps players engaged in the game.

In addition to building rooms and adding attractions, there are quests to complete that reward “stickers” that players can collect.

The more rooms you build, the more income you receive. Some rooms will give a return on funds in only a few minutes, while others will take hours, or days. Players can set notifications on their device to let them know when money is ready to be collected.

Sometimes, Community Chess will float down from the sky and when tapped, players can roll the dice to earn 10 times the die count in money.

This is a freemium game. The initial download is free, but in order to make any real progress, player will need to buy in-game money through in-app purchases. While players can progress without it, many of the best features are off limits without a purchase. For example, players can add a Mr. Potato Head room, but it costs 10 gold. Gold is nearly impossible to come by without an in-app purchase.

Monopoly Hotels is fun and cute, but frustrating to play without paying real cash for it. This trend in freemium game play is fine, but it leaves players wanting more when they pay $3.99 for gold that gets used in a matter of seconds. There is a way to earn free gold, but players have to do things like, subscribe to Netflix or apply for a Discover Card.

What I liked: Money falls from the sky all the time, which keeps players in the game, instead of just collecting “rent” and closing the app.

What I didn’t like: This game is very difficult to get through without in-app purchases. I would have preferred an initial price of $0.99 and a lot more ways to earn money instead of this format.

To buy or not to buy: It is an entertaining game for a free download, so it is worth at least an hour of your day, but after that, you’ll be paying out of pocket if you want to progress.

  • App Name: Monopoly Hotels
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.16
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Price: Free
  • Score:


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  • JenBE

    I agree completely with Lory’s view. It’s a fun game but gold is incredibly difficult to acquire without purchase, and I’m quickly reaching the levels where it’s virtually a requirement to continue. I don’t mind paying something small for the initial purchase or to speed up my progress on occasion, but to HAVE to buy caches of gold a few times a week at 3-5€ each (I’m in Europe so it’s even more expensive here) in order to really progress is a bit much for this type of game. I’m more likely to move on to a different game than do that on a regular basis, it’s just not worth it.