Survey: Kindle Fire Owners Say They Want iPad 3

Kindle Fire

A recent survey done by TechBargains found that more than half of the Kindle Fire owners who responded indicated that they would be buying an iPad 3 when it became available. This statistic, if true, supports my firm belief that devices like the Kindle Fire should be considered ‘entry-level tablets’ and will serve the purpose of whetting appetites and making people long for the higher-powered and more full-featured tablets like the iPad.

The survey went on to also mention that owners of a Kindle Fire were even more likely to purchase a new iPad 3 than those who didn’t own one of Amazon’s devices. This supports the additional discovery that those surveyed didn’t mind the idea of having two tablet devices, with the indication that would be true only if the second device was an iPad. This makes sense with the Kindle Fire running Android (and most consumers not understanding that it is a customized and simplified version of the operating system) as it rarely makes sense to duplicate devices running on the same platform.

Also not surprising is the survey response indicating that price was the deciding factor when they originally bought their Kindle Fire. This has been supposed many times by many people –that the Kindle Fire is an excellent choice for those who want a tablet by either cannot or choose not to afford something in the higher end price-range like you find with the iPad.

When polled for the changes they were most hoping for in the new iPad, people responded with “a quad core processor (85 percent), USB port (82 percent), better speakers (82 percent), memory card slot (81 percent), and a less reflective screen (72 percent).” Hopefully those aren’t all deal breakers because I can’t imagine we are going to see a USB port or memory card slot and from what we have seen the speakers are likely to be about the same it rumors hold true. Fortunately a faster processor (whether quad core or not) is very likely and a less reflective screen can be had with one of the aftermarket screen covers that are inexpensive and easy to install (with a little patience).

Of course, the proof will be in the sales figures but this news should be promising for Apple as they hear that their most fierce competitor is actually acting as a salesperson of sorts for the iPad.

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