More Details About the iPad 3 Retina Display

Mac Rumors recently got their hands on what is believed to be an iPad 3 retina display screen. After examining it as thoroughly as they could, the rumor blog sent their goods over to iFixit, hoping the tech site could actually figure out a way to get the beast glowing.

Unfortunately, the “iPad 3 display” was not compatible with an iPad 2, so there was no way to power it up.

Although unsuccessful at connecting the display for a full powered demo, iFixit confirmed Mac Rumors’ findings and uploaded a well written video presentation showing a breakdown of the differences between the two. The four minute and fifteen second video clearly shows the similarities and differences between what is believed to be an iPad 3 display and the iPad 2 display.

The iPad 3 display screen appears to be approximately 0.6 ounces lighter than the iPad 2’s, but they are both the same dimensions. The LCD cable of the iPad 3 is larger than the iPad 2’s, which is why they couldn’t connect one to the other. They also checked out the screen under a microscope and found that it was 2048 x 1536, or approximately 260p per square inch. A few more minor cosmetic changes are that the connectors are a different style and some of the relocation clips are in different spots.

Take a look at the video below to see a side-by-side comparison of the two different display screens.

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