iPad Helps Boost Apple Share of Mobile PC Shipments to 27%

According to NPD DisplaySearch, a company that tracks mobile PC shipments, Apple shipped a total of 23.4 million mobile PCs in the fourth quarter of 2011, a number that includes 18.7 million iPads, or 80 percent of holiday quarter shipments.

Apple’s combined shipments gave the company 26.6 percent of the mobile PC market share, which accounted for a quarterly increase of 128 percent over the same quarter in 2010. Not bad for a company that just a few years ago held single digit marketshare in this category.

Apple’s 26.6 share was far above its closest competitor, HP, with a 9.9 share from 8.7 million units. Dell came in third, shipping 6.9 million mobile PCs for a 7.9 percent share, and Acer was fourth with 6.8 million units shipped and a 7.7 percent share.

When Apple’s iPad and laptop sales are combined, the company shipped a total of 62.8 million mobile PCs over the course of 2011, an overall increase of 132 percent from 2010. The majority of those sales were iPads, at 48.4 million units shipped in 2011.

Apple’s iPad was responsible 59.1 percent of all tablet shipments during the last quarter of 2011, while Amazon’s Kindle Fire had only a 16.7 percent share with 5.3 million units shipped.

Its MacBook lineup was not quite as successful, in 5th place with 4.6 million units shipped for an 8.3 percent share. HP came in first in this category, with 8.7 million laptops shipped for 15.5 percent of the market. Dell was second, with 6.7 million laptops for an 11.8 share.

If you needed proof that tablet computers, specifically iPads, are having a significant impact on the mobile computing market, then this is it. iPads are widely outselling laptop computers, thanks to portability, low cost, and nearly the same functionality. Of course, many people wouldn’t categorize iPads and laptops in the same bracket, but I would. A laptop can almost entirely be replaced by a tablet at this point. Do you agree or disagree?

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