Check Out These Awesome Oddball iPad Games

There are a plethora of games available in the App Store, with more fantastic games added every day. Since there are so many games out there, a lot of great content tends to go unnoticed, especially if they’re apps that don’t come from major developers.

Many of these unseen apps are also a bit quirky, with strange themes, weird characters, and offbeat content. We’ve picked out some of the best oddball games we’ve played to share with you, so check out this list and maybe you’ll find something new to play tonight.


Pizza vs. Skeletons ($2.99) – This new release features a ten-foot tall pizza intent on destroying level after level of skeletons, skulls, and other pesky undead. Gameplay is tilt based, and you’ll roll your giant pizza over hordes of undead to gather coins for unlocking all new pizza toppings and attire. With an array level level types and plenty of content, this awesome game will keep you busy for hours. Even though this is a 2D platform game designed from the ground up for iOS, the game is a lot of fun!
Get Twisted ($0.99) – Billed as the game that ties your fingers up in knots, Get Twisted is essentially Twister for your fingers. You can play this in singleplayer mode using both of your hands, or play in two-player mode. The iPad supports up to 8 fingers on the board. The goal, of course, is to follow the directions and place the specified finger on the proper color of the board, just like in Twister! This game will get very addicted to your iPad. No worries, don’t be shy about showing your non matching socks.
Sleepy Jack HD ($2.99) – Sleepy Jack is a toy-themed shooter that takes place in a crazy, twisted, always-changing dream world. Jack dreams up laser-blasting Galaxianoids, gunpowder-packed desert dwellers, deep sea creatures, and crazy bosses. It’s your job to help Jack fly through the dream wold, shooting and bombing enemies so he can stay tucked in bed fast asleep. The game’s presentation and gameplay makes this a fun experience for everyone!
Ant Raid ($2.99) – In Ant Raid, you’ll take on the role of an ant colony trying desperately to survive in the face of danger, which includes swarms of insects that have been mutated into horrible, ant-craving monsters. This a fun defense type game, where the goal is to keep your colony safe by directing your army of ants around the screen. The game’s strategy is combined with tons of levels and pure fun and action!
Quest Runner ($1.99) – I am always surprised that this humorous, tongue-in-cheek RPG doesn’t get more attention. In this atypical RPG, you’ll take on the role of an oft-humiliated hero who needs to complete tasks like defeating the bee king, saving the mines from giant spiders, and assisting a band of pirates in their quest to defeat the Giant Sock Puppet Squid. This game features a great 2D artwork that makes it a must download for your iPad.
Gem King ($0.99) – Gem King used to be known by the name Kickin’ Momma, and the goal was to kick babies to collect gems, but it was rebranded. Luckily, it features the same fun gameplay as the Gem King kicks his minions around to gather up precious gems. It’s a lot like Peggle, with a more entertaining theme and cuter characters. Gem King features very entertaining graphics with endless bouncing and scoring that challenges you to become the Gem King of the world!
The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic ($2.99) – In Pudding Panic, you’ll play as a fearful blob of pudding who is stuck in a super spooky haunted house. The goal is to scare off monsters with an array of crazy weapons, while making your way towards the exit of each level as fast as you can before your Pudding melts into a quivering puddle of fear. With four different 3D worlds and 48 levels, there’s plenty of gameplay here. This is a great download for your iPad.
Glowfish HDGlowFish ($0.99) – GlowFish features a gorgeous, electric underwater world that looks and sounds like a dream. This is another one of those magical, glowing games like Osmos, that really hasn’t gotten the attention that it deserves. In the game, you’ll navigate through 50 different maze-like ocean landscapes, meeting sea creatures, collecting treasure, and avoiding enemies. The game features over 50 levels full of glowing fun!

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