Microsoft Denies Upcoming Release of Office for iPad, The Daily Disagrees

Microsoft Tweet

Despite initial reports (even containing screenshots) indicating that Microsoft was working on a version of their Microsoft Office Suite designed especially for the iPad, an official statement from Microsoft (seen above, via Twitter) indicates that these rumors are not at all accurate.

This statement is also contradictory to that made by Matt Hickey of The Daily, News Corp’s iPad news publication who indicated he had his hands on a working prototype. Hickey even went so far as to say that, “Right now, someone with a mid-level job at Microsoft is being yelled at. To that person: I’m sorry, I owe you a beer. But say it however you want to, we both know that Office for iPad is on its way. And if it’s as cool as the version I’ve seen, you’ve got a winner.”

Peter Ha, the news organization’s editor of The Daily’s Apps & Tech section was quick to respond after Microsoft issued their denial stating that the screenshot they issued was not only not fake but also shared a pictures of the upcoming iOS and App Store icon for Microsoft’s Office application.

Also supporting The Daily’s claim is ZDNet writer and Microsoft insider, Mary-Jo Foley, who says that Microsoft’s denial may be more about the details than the big picture. She feels it may have been better for Microsoft to be a little more specific stating that the screenshots were not those of the final version or that the timeline may not be exactly as interpreted in the releases we’ve seen.

So the big question really is: are the reports that Office is coming to the iPad incorrect or is Microsoft just concerned that if they aren’t quite ready “in the coming weeks” that it will be seen as yet another development project of theirs in perpetual delay?

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