Facebook Makes Changes to App Distribution on iOS

In a blog post yesterday, Facebook announced the introduction of “granular controls for native iOS apps to provide an optimal user experience when driving traffic to your app from Facebook for iOS.” This new feature, dubbed “deep linking” will allow developers to create links from news feeds directly to their app or App Store link from within the iOS Facebook app.

By default, published News Feed or Open Graph stories link back to the provided story URL. Developers can now link these stories to deep link back to the iOS app or link to the App Store if the user does not already have the app installed.

Deep links published in News Feed or Open Graph can be accessed from desktop browsers, Android browsers, iOS mobile browsers, the native Andriod Facebook app or the native iOS Facebook app.

When a deep link is tapped inside Facebook for iOS the user is directed to the developer’s app. If the app is not already installed, it redirects the user to the App Store so the user can download it easily.

Facebook says that this new way of deep linking will allow users to more seamlessly launch developer’s app or webpage inside Facebook, making it effortless to move between the two services.

[via Facebook developers blog]

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