Apple’s iPad Set to Dominate 2012 with 60% Market Share

The iPad was wildly popular in 2011, with Apple selling more than 40 million of the tablet devices. With the rumored announcement of the iPad 3 coming up in just two weeks, and a launch date set for shortly thereafter, it doesn’t look like the iPad’s momentum will be slowing down in 2012.

In fact, according to new research by TrendForce, sales of tablets in 2012 could amount to more than 94 million units, with Apple maintaining its dominant position and taking 60 percent of the marketshare, selling a forecasted 59 million iPads.

Apple has enjoyed overwhelming success simply because no tablet competitor has managed to match the hardware, the software, or the usability of the iPad. Not to mention, it’s competitive price has had other tablet vendors struggling to keep up.

The iPad 3 will continue this trend, as it will feature an even faster processor, a better camera, LTE support, and of course, Apple’s signature visually-impressive Retina display. Once again, Apple will have a solid lead over other tablet manufacturers.

Though the Kindle Fire enjoyed a number of sales during the fourth quarter of 2011, its hardware specs and designation as an electronic book reader has prevented it from snagging a larger share of the tablet market. Recently, Amazon decreased its orders for display panels, suggesting that for now, the Fire is still a ways off from threatening the iPad’s dominate position.

Competing tablet manufacturers are now hoping that the Windows 8 tablets that are coming later this year will unseat the iPad and score some serious sales, but whether or not that will happen remains to be seen, especially since at this point, we know so little about crucial elements like interface, weight, software compatibility, and battery life.

For now, analysts believe that the iPad will continue to have the lion’s share of the tablet market, throughout 2012 and well into 2013 and beyond.

Do you agree? Does Amazon have a secret weapon up its sleeve? Is this the year of the Windows 8 tablet? What are your predictions for 2012?

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  • lrd555

    180,000 iPad apps and counting. 60 million out in the wild and counting.
    Tiered pricing on the horizon with the launch of the iPad 3.
    Good luck!