Comcast’s Streampix Goes After Netflix, iTunes

Comcast has launched a new streaming video service, called Xfinity Streampix, which will allow Xfinity customers to view a back catalog of movies and TV shows both in and out of their homes.

The service, which is available on TVs, computers, and mobile devices, will include numerous TV shows and movies, to complement the 75,000 TV shows and movies already available through Xfinity on Demand and the Xfinity TV app.

To create Streampix, which is launching later this week, Comcast partnered with movie studios and programming providers like Disney-ABC, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. The new content will be made available to Comcast customers who pay for the double and triple-play packages, and will also be available to users with basic packages for an additional $4.99.

For Comcast customers, this is a great alternative to services and movies offered by Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and iTunes. Netflix and Amazon both offer anytime-streaming movie services, while iTunes provides DVD purchases and rentals.

Xfinity customers will now have access to a Netflix-like streaming service, at a low additional cost. Comcast’s $4.99 service is quite a bit more appealing than Netflix’s $7.99 price tag, or the cost of a movie rental on iTunes, which also runs about $4.99 for an HD rental.

At this time, Comcast does not have plans to make Streampix a standalone service – customers must subscribe to Comcast’s TV and broadband services, but if all cable companies adopted a similar movie streaming program, it could spell serious trouble for Internet-only companies like Netflix and Hulu.

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  • rose17

    This would be a great alternative if you have Comcast service. On the other hand, you could get a better deal if you are a DISH customer. You can get the Blockbuster@home service free for 3 months and it includes streaming, DVD’s and much more. After the three months, I pay $10 and still love it! A co-worker at DISH even told me I could now use the streaming on my iPad. Traveling with is will be awesome. Comcast does have a great plan with the Streampix, but they should make it available to all their customers.

    • Dead-eye Jedi

      And when it rains or snows, you get to adjust your dish for fee!