Quick & Healthy — Easy Recipes for Diabetics – iPad App Review

According to the American Diabetes Association nearly 2 million new diabetics were diagnosed in 2010. CulinartMedia‘s newest release, Quick & Healthy — Easy Recipes for Diabetics for iPad is a collaboration with Dr. Julian Whitaker that aims to make healthy cooking easier for diabetics, but anyone interested in healthy cooking may find the app is useful.

Quick & Healthy offers more than 100 recipes created by the Whitaker Wellness Institute team. The app also offers menu planning, in-app timers, a shopping list feature, all of which are standard recipe app fare, but Quick & Easy also allows the user to set daily targets for calories, protein, fat, carbs, fiber, and sodium. The targets track to the menu plan, to keep track of a user’s daily intake of macronutrients.

Quick & Healthy has it all. Most of the recipes are easy to prepare, and many require only 15 minutes of preparation time. The recipes include a wide variety of American and some Asian-inspired dishes that sound delicious.

The app’s UI meshes with the way folks actually cook. Each recipe includes a photo, as well as step-by-step instructions that were clear. Though most ingredients will be familiar to the home cook, the user need only tap the information icon to learn more about a particular ingredient.

With one tap users can add a recipe to the planner or shopping list. Users can also share recipes to Facebook or by email, as well as mark favorites and add personal notes. A recipe’s nutritional analysis is always available, and the user can send a recipe to his daily nutrient total with one tap.

None of the app’s bells and whistles matter much if the recipes were too difficult to make, or not appetizing. Instead, the recipes rely on fresh ingredients wherever possible, which renders them nutritious and delicious.

While no iPad app is a substitute for medical care, Quick & Healthy also includes several brief informational videos created by Dr. Whitaker and his team that address diabetic nutrition.

Download Quick & Healthy — Easy Recipes for Diabetics from the App Store for $4.99. The app will be FREE on February 25 and 26, 2012.

What I liked: The breadth of the app’s offerings impressed me. I was particularly drawn to the range of soups and vegetarian offerings. When the shopping list app is email it is restructured so that all of the items are organized by aisle, rather than by recipe. Though the app’s focus on diabetes gave me pause initially, the recipes included don’t offer a magic pill for diabetics, which is as it should be. Instead, the app gives diabetics real choices.

What I didn’t like: I liked everything about Quick & Healthy.

To buy or not to buy: Quick & Health is full of practical recipes that offer a common-sense approach to diabetic nutrition. The app has the potential to aid any user who wants to prepare healthier foods, even if they do not have diabetes. There is nothing inherently medicinal about the recipes in Quick and Easy which are on par with offerings from Cooking Light or Eating Well.

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