iPad 3 Rumors: More Images Leaked

As February comes to a close and the rumored March announcement draws near, leaked images are swarming around the Internet. It has been widely rumored that Samsung and LG are contracted to produce the iPad’s upcoming display screens to the tune of 65 million units.

Chinese language news blog App.WePost.Me has just released images that claim to be parts for the iPad 3 being manufactured at one of Samsung’s supplier plants in China.

App.WePost.Me has a series of photos showing what they claim are rarely seen shots of Samsung supplier Radiant Opto-Electroinics factory in Wujiang City, China. Additionally, there are blurry close-up images of what appear to be third-generation iPad parts.

In addition to rumors of a retina display screen for Apple’s third-generation iPad, the tablet is supposed to be sporting either an A6 or A5X processor and an 8 megapixel camera.

According to the report, the displays will be shipped through customs to Samsung in South Korea and then, on to Apple. If these images are truly from Samsung suppliers, it shows that manufacturers are hard at work getting things ready for Apple’s purported March 7 announcement.

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