Leaked Retina Display Confirms HD Screen for iPad 3

So we’ve been hearing for months that the iPad 3 is going to have a display with an enhanced resolution of 2048×1536, and that’s been confirmed today by a leaked iPad 3 display that MacRumors got its hands on.

We’ve seen several photos of supposed iPad 3 displays, but there’s been no way to verify whether or not they’re actually high resolution displays that are designed for the iPad 3. MacRumors, though, did a thorough examination, and determined the veracity of the display’s HD claims.

MacRumors measured the display, and it came in at 9.7” diagonal, which is the same size as the current iPad and iPad 2 screens. It also looked very similar to the naked eye, but when examined under a microscope, it became clear that the iPad 3 has a different pixel density.

When compared, the iPad 3 display’s pixels seemed to be a quarter of the size of the pixels on the iPad 2 display. A photo of a small section of the screens shows the difference, with the iPad 2 having 2×2 (4) pixels and the iPad 3 having 4×4, or 16 pixels in a square of the same size.

While Apple hasn’t yet let us know when the iPad 3 will hit the street, most rumors point to a high-resolution iPad 3 launch on March 7th.  It’s also expected that the upcoming iPad 3 will sport a new A6 processor, better battery life and advanced 4G LTE support.

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