Record and Share with Doodlecast Pro – iPad App Review

Doodlecast Pro for iPad expands on Doodlecast for Kids (PadGadget = 4 stars). Not only is the app really fun to use, but it has the potential to help students, teachers, or anyone who needs to present and record information, visually save and share their ideas.

Doodlecasters can use this app to create lessons to share with students, to annotate graphs or other materials for presentation, and to keep track of the creative process. Whether the user chooses Doodlecast to help with a fun task, or a work-related assignment, he will find using the app is both simple and enjoyable to use.

The menu bar houses all of the command buttons to run the app. It vanishes while you are working, (unless you turn it off this feature in settings) but can be recalled with a tap. There are controls on the menu bar that allow the user to create a new Doodlecast, preview your work, or share your work to via email, to the iPad photo library, or straight to YouTube.

With Doodlecast Pro the user can also add a variety of preset backgrounds to turn the screen into graph paper, or a comic strip. Plus, the app lets you import photos from the camera roll to draw on:

The bottom tool bar houses the controls that allow the user to clear the screen, undo and redo a gesture, as well as to customize the tools. There are 36 colors of paint to choose from. Additionally the user can choose from one of 8 brush styles, and also adjust the opacity and size of the paint. The app offers fill settings, pointer settings, and an eraser.

Download Doodlcast Pro from the App Store for $3.99.

What I liked: Doodlecast Pro was easy to use, and worked well even when I just used my finger, rather than a stylus or capacitative paint brush. With the addition of the eraser and the undo and redo buttons Doodle Cast Pro addressed the chief frustration that I had with Doodlecast for Kids. The ability to customize the pointer was also nice.

What I didn’t like: The fill feature fills in the entire screen, but will not fill in particular areas.

To buy or not to buy: While Doodlecast Pro costs a little more than Doodlecast for Kids, the number of additional features more than make up for the increase in price.

  • App Name: Doodlecast Pro
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Productivity
  • Developer: zinc Roe
  • Price: $3.99
  • Score:

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