European Doctors Rely More and More on iPad

manhattanRESEARCHManhattan Research has released their annual study entitled “Taking the Pulse” which is intended to provide statistics and analysis regarding “how physicians in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Germany use the Internet, digital media, mobile devices and other technologies for professional purposes, pharma communication and patient interaction.” Based on the data they collected it seems 26% of European doctors own an iPad.

Of the 1,207 doctors surveyed, they indicated that they spend 27% of their professional Internet time using the iPad while 55% of their time was spent on desktop computers and the remaining 18% was allocated to their smartphones. Of those doctors surveyed that did not own iPads, 40% indicated that they were planning a purchase within the next 6 months.

When polled regarding their specific use of the iPad, most indicated that they used it to look up information, browse articles, and watch videos but almost all participants said they would love to extend the use to educating patients.

Records management also topped the list of intended uses and it makes a lot of sense. Where once it was necessary for doctors to chart things with paper and pen, now they can take advantage of electronic health record systems that are being implemented to provide more up to date and accurate patient files –which means better healthcare for everybody.

Developers should take particular note of this survey data because I think it indicates a real potential market for the development of new apps. Certainly there are a number of existing healthcare style apps out there but particular interest should be paid to these vertical markets containing interested professionals (who else might be interested? lawyers? dentists?).

It should also go without saying that the closely tied pharmaceutical industry should be taking note as well. With the competitive landscape out there for their products it would make perfect sense to compliment their offering with apps that help sell their products as well as providing accurate and timely information (including dosages, side-effects, contraindications, etc.).

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