Plan the Perfect Vacation with Oyster’s ‘Tell-All’ Hotel Review App

Travel site just announced the release of their new iPad app for finding the perfect hotel for your next vacation. Packed with more than 650,000 photos and 2,500 hotels, you’ll never have to worry about whether you booked the right spot again.

Unlike other hotel apps, such as TripAdvisor or Orbitz,  each hotel on Oyster’s list has been personally visited by one of their “investigators.” There are no user-based reviews, so you won’t be confused by a comment stating, “This is the worst hotel I’ve ever been to,” right next to one stating, “This is the best hotel I’ve ever been to.” Lots of photos are taken of each hotel, including the lobby, the rooms, the views from the windows and the amenities. It is almost voyeuristic, how many photos each location has.

Oyster says, “You can’t return a bad vacation.” That statement is so true. How many times have you booked a luxurious, isolated hotel online, only to discover when you arrive that it is crammed on a busy street, or the rooms are much smaller than you thought? Oyster is dedicated to keeping that from happening for you.

The app includes thousands of hotels from the world’s top 125 destinations. Using a powerful search and filter function, users can view hotels by rating, price, amenity, destination and many more. Each hotel has a pros and cons list, a bottom line summary and pearl ratings.

“There’s no fixing a vacation gone wrong, and it’s easy to get duped by the other sites out there,” said Ariel Charytan, Co-Founder and CCO of  “This app is the most visual and compelling way to find the perfect hotel and book it, all in one place.”

The Hotel Reviews and Photos app for the iPad is available for free from the App Store today.

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