Three Alleged iPad 3 Parts Leaked – Retina Display Confirmed?

As the iPad 3 announcement-date approaches, leaks and rumors are flying like hungry pterodactyls looking for fresh meat. Today, Apple Insider reported yet another image leak that purportedly adds further credence to the next generation iPad’s look.

Apple Insider reported that iLab Factory obtained three tablet parts that, when connected, make up something slightly different than the second generation iPad, making it likely to be the iPad 3. The parts include an LCD panel from Sharp, a backplate with the Apple logo and a 30-pin dock connector, all claiming to be from Apple’s third-generation tablet.

Assuming that the recently obtained parts are from a prototype iPad 3, iLab Factory points out that the backplate is about a millimeter thicker than the second-generation iPad backplate. The overall dimensions remain the same, allowing for a 9.7 inch display screen.

A minor difference in the iPad 3 parts as opposed to iPad 2 parts is the screw alignment. The backplate and Sharp LCD screen of the unofficial components line up perfectly, implying that earlier rumors that the company will be supplying Apple with high-resolution retina display screens might actually be true.

The third part, the dock connector, also fit perfectly with the screw holes on the claimed iPad 3 backplate, making a near complete shell for the new model of tablet. ILab Factory also reported that the camera mount, but not the placement of the hole, is slightly different than the second-generation model.

From these images, it is likely that the next generation iPad’s biggest change will be the high-resolution retina display screen. The current iPad offers 1020×768 resolution while the rumored iPad 3 screen will have 2048×1536 resolution with a pixel density of twice as much.

Based on Apple’s previous model names for iPhones. There is a chance that the next generation iPad will receive the “S” title instead of its own number. The iPhone 3GS had a lot of internal changes, but looked much like the iPhone 3. The iPhone 4S receive huge internal changes, and ultimately became the company’s best-selling model, but didn’t look much different than the iPhone 4. Following this logic, if the next generation of iPad is only different in size by a millimeter on the backplate and comes with a slightly different camera mount, there is a chance that Apple will dub this model the iPad 2S. Let the Internet frenzy begin.

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