Record iPad and iPhone Sales Help Apple Grab Large Chunk of Consumer Electronics Dollars Late Last Year

According to research group NPD, market sales of consumer electronics remained stagnant for 2011, but the highest grossing company was Apple. The company saw record sales last year, making it the leading consumer electronics brand for a second year in a row.

NPD’s research shows that PC sales dropped by a half of a percent year-over-year from 2010 to 2011. Television sets and video game consoles both experienced similar, minimal losses. The mobile phone market increased, but only by less than a half of a percent. However, the tablet and e-reader market saw an increase by almost two percent from 2010. That is not much of a change, but it is the highest in the consumer electronics market.

During this time in 2011, Apple was the only company to experience sales growth with a five percent increase from 2010. By Christmas, the company cornered about 19 percent of all sales dollars, which was almost twice as much as its nearest competitor, Hewlett-Packard.

NPD stated that 60 percent of all sales were driven by PCs, t.v.s, tablets, mobile phones and video game hardware. Apple is a top-seller in three of those industries. It is no wonder that the company captured nearly half of all mobile computing growth over the past four years and analysts are predicting they will sell nearly 50 billion iPads in 2012, likely making it the leader in consumer electronics for a third year in a row.

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