Discover that the Furniture is Alive in 3D – iPad App Review

The Furniture Is Alive in 3DHelp your children to discover that the Furniture is Alive in 3D with this interactive and imaginative app by Mobad Games. Another in a series of wonderful children’s books for your iPad, this story explores the land of make believe and imagination as the child in the book pretends that his home is full of life –and not just the humans and pets!

Though the story has a spooky undertone, this story is still a great one for smaller children who like to be a little silly. The text is lyrical and rhyming which gives the book an upbeat tone and a certain enjoyable momentum and flow.

The graphics give a real feeling of 3-dimensions with an environment that interacts with you visually as you tilt, turn and twist your iPad.

One of my favorite features with interactive books is present here with the ability to turn on hints for the hidden treasures. This is fantastic for the younger children who are easily frustrated or tend to lose interest when they can’t find the things to tap and swipe. Older children enjoy the hide-and-seek style of hunting for the animated extras which makes it nice that you can disable or enable this one with ease.

The Furniture Is Alive in 3D

What I liked: I love books for the iPad that you can share with your children and have some fun reading.

What I didn’t like: When you load this app there is a pop-up for Peek ‘n Play Apps, encouraging you to download other titles. This is very reminiscent of the browser pop-ups that most of us have come to dread and it left a very sour taste in my mouth.

To buy or not to buy: This story is another solid title in this developer’s line-up and I think you would enjoy it.


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