NOAA Ditches BlackBerry, Replaces with iPhones and iPads

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has decided to get with the times and ditch those antiquated BlackBerry phones in favor of shiny new iPhones and iPads.

NOAA is the agency that leads research of weather, oceans, and fisheries, and it employs 13,000 full time employees plus 7,000 contractors, who are currrently equipped with approximately 3,000 Blackberrys.

NOAA Chief Information Officer Joseph Klimavicz sent out a memo stating that BlackBerry devices will be supported until May 12th, but after that, all workers would be supplied with iPhones and iPads instead.

The organization will be using the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2, both equipped with iOS 5 and higher. The reason behind the switch? It’s cheaper to use iPhones that are securely integrated into the NOAA information systems than it is to pay for the current Blackberry server that it uses.

“Times are changing and technology is changing and we have to look at our technologies and see how we can do things more efficiently,” Klimavicz said.

This is just one of a long string of government agencies that have started adopting the iPhone and the iPad instead of the traditional BlackBerry phones and laptops, demonstrating just how far out of favor poor RIM has fallen.

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