iOS Finally Surpasses Mac in Web Traffic

In 2011, Apple sold 93.2 million iPhones and more than 40 million iPads. In just the fourth quarter, in fact, Apple sold 17.07 million iPhones, 11.12 million iPads, 6.62 million iPods, and just 4.89 million Macs.

Based on those numbers, it’s easy to see how the increasing dominance of the mobile market has led to more Internet use on iDevices than on traditional Apple-branded desktop and laptop computers.

In a report released today, Chitika Insights compared the overall web traffic market share of iOS and Mac OS, using traffic from August 2011 to February 2012 in the Chitika Ad Network (responsible for hundreds of millions of ad impressions). The comparison found that the web market shares of both iOS and OS X began converging in August, with iOS slowly creeping up on OS X’s numbers.

iOS has seen a growth of almost 50 percent, while OS X has seen a decline of nearly 25 percent since its high point in September. In February, for the first time, iOS passed Mac OS X with 8.15 percent of all web traffic, while Mac OS X was responsible for just 7.96 percent of all web traffic.

It seems that Apple’s growing mobile segment may be slowly cannibalizing its own line of laptop and desktop computers. Our iPads and iPhones are updated yearly with new tech, come cheaper, and do a lot of the things that traditional computers can do, so the shift is no surprise.

We’re also using our mobile devices in places where it’s impossible to use a laptop or a desktop computer – lines, doctor’s office waiting rooms, at stoplights, and so on, which potentially explains why mobile Internet usage has suddenly eclipsed traditional computer-based web usage.

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